Saturday, January 31, 2009

A busy Morning

Im just stoping by for a quick vist as I don't have the time to write an actual post yet. Im off to have lunch here soon with a friend at her house then I have a couple errands to get outta the way. I will be back tonight sometime. God bless and may by the grace of God will you be carried thru this day.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Taking care of the Home a Womans duty

These are not set in stone But only views and things God has allowed me to learn and see as I seek him in prayer and read my bible daily. I'm not writing this to judge anyone nor offend but some may go away thinking so(If you do I'm sorry).

I have not always been a stay at home mom or a stay at home woman at that but have worked all of my life up until I had my first daughter (she is 4). Then I worked on and off for about the first 2 years of her life. During the time I worked I felt as though I didn't want to work outside the home but I also felt as though I didn't want to be home all day not being out in the world working. I finally quit my Job I had at the time and decided that I had had enough and was going to give the stay at home life a chance and see what could be done, It went well for a while then I felt as though I started to get bored with things and I thought surely this is not what God wants me to do stay home all day clean house then sit around being bored, So I ventured out and got another job thinking it would take care of my boredom and give me more money that I thought we needed when all I really needed was to pray and ask God for help. I soon relized after reading my bible and thinking upon what God was trying to teach me that Gods will for my life was to not work but to stay at home and take care of my family and look after my household (my palace).

Now almost 1yr. 1/2 since I have worked and I have a whole new perspective and set of thoughts on what it means to be a stay at home mom. We as married woman are not meant to be out in the wolrd tossed 2 and fro with worldly buisness and taking on the stress of an everyday Job outside of the home.....Our job is the home, It is packed with enough stress, work and care that we as woman are meant to handle. We have a husband who needs our love and attention and children that need our care and concern rather wasteing it all on trying to gain pay raises and promotions in a worldly job.

Homemaking is an art and a skill that only a woman can perfect as her husband stands by her side as her authority and giving the encouragment and help she needs along the way. We have a totally different makeup than men and can take the time to do things in the home that should only have a womans touch ( thats another blog). I take pride, care in concern for all that I do for and in my home. I want my home to be most and foremost clean, warm and inviting to my family and those from the outside that come in so that Gods love can shine through and I can be the witness and ambassador of Christ we are meant to be.

If you are intrested in studying about What a woman in Christ to be there are many scriptures in the bible that I have studied and have been a help to me Titus chpt.2, proverbs chpt. 31 both have played a great role in my life and God has toaught me greatly by them along with many other resources about what we as woman in christ are to be. There is a role and a will for anyone that is willing to seek God and learn what it is.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A little bit about my blog.

Well I told you I would get back and let you know a little bit about why and the way my blog is set up. There is a purpose for everything and a meaning behind all that is posted on my blog I did not just randomly choose and pick things out. It is taking me so long to put this together because I want God to shine through as well as my personality.

First off I call my blog FOLLOW THE SONSHINE because Jesus Christ is the Sonshine we should follow and we need him in every way everyday so it is a bit of a reminder to me each time i see my blog name and a witness and hint to all those that may come about reading this blog. I wanted my blog to be Happy, Cheery and Loud because that's how I am. The Rainbow in the background reminds me of the Rainbow God puts in the sky promising to never again destroy mankind. The bright colors are to just make it look eyecatching.

I plan on blogging about things I learn, Things that intrest me and Things I may learn or find that will help others as well. I love to share what helps me with others and I love to learn from others as well.

Well if I have missed anything I will get to tht later for I have other things to run off and do for now. I enjoy this blog and hope it makes sense to those that read it for I tend to multi task and can leave things half done or unfinished sometimes.

ah early mornings

I have never been a morning person and still convinced im not but I feel a strong tug at my heart and a prompting from the lord that it's the right thing to do. I get up each morning to prepare hubby breakfast and to see him off to work. I then listen to the silence in the house and spend time with the Lord while the children are peacefully sleeping. The more mornings I make it a routine and keep to things I see why the Lord wants it done this way. I love my husband dearly and to know that I have given him a fresh meal and an I love you and warm hug before he heads off to work makes me feel good and to spend time reading my bible and thinking unto the lord really helps my day go well and my spirit start off fresh.

I really seem to sink though when I have those days of failure but those days I have learned to relize God has not seen me as a failure he calls out to me to look forward to the new day I have next and to keep up the good work. We beat ourselfs up to much.

Well off to get some more peace before the little ones awake and the real work begins.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Getting Started

Well I thought about this for a while wheather I should enter the world of blogging and im not to sure how this will turn out being im pretty busy all the time with things going on around the house. I try not to spend to much time on the computer or T.V. cause to me idle time is lazy time and im one for getting things done. I like comming to the end of my day and seeing what I have accomplished instead of being dissapointed in what I didn't get done. My hubby helped me design my page layout, I will tell more about that later. Well off to do other things for now. Gotta make a meal menu and shop the grocery ads before I go out to get grocerys later today.