Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fun ways to earn cash and ideas to earn free products

I have put together at the bottom of my blog a list of places I have joined to make some spare change and earn free prizes. I have checked them out and they are all known to be very good companies that I have used myself. There are tons of opportunities to take advantage of out there. I will be adding more as I find them and review them for myself.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prayer Request

To all or whom may read this I just ask that we all come together and pray for this nation and each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. I really wish I knew more Narrow minded bible believing Christians in my area I feel so alone sometimes but realize I'm never alone cause God is always with me. It can get to be a struggle sometimes living to be different and serve Christ when the world around you is going down the drain but I just look forward to the reason I'm doing it and that is to be Gods light in a darkened world.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Gettin back in the groove

Well I do not blog often except when I have lots going on and something exciteing to share or have a huge inspiration from the Lord to do so. God has been taking me thru the Fire and Trials of life to make me the person I have been praying him to make me. I have a Great desire to overcome any sin, anger or spirit that stands in my way of becoming the woman Christ wants me to be. When you really have the desire and pray for God to strengthen you and help you it will not be easy cause he will and can purge you of all things that are not bearing good fruit in your life and that is when the fight with Satan begins. We must put on the full armour of God new each day ready to battle so we can win the fight and overcome our strongholds. Well that is a bit of what im learning and pushing thru right now. I pray that all Woman will have the desire to fulfill there God given roles in life and will suceed.