Thursday, January 29, 2009

A little bit about my blog.

Well I told you I would get back and let you know a little bit about why and the way my blog is set up. There is a purpose for everything and a meaning behind all that is posted on my blog I did not just randomly choose and pick things out. It is taking me so long to put this together because I want God to shine through as well as my personality.

First off I call my blog FOLLOW THE SONSHINE because Jesus Christ is the Sonshine we should follow and we need him in every way everyday so it is a bit of a reminder to me each time i see my blog name and a witness and hint to all those that may come about reading this blog. I wanted my blog to be Happy, Cheery and Loud because that's how I am. The Rainbow in the background reminds me of the Rainbow God puts in the sky promising to never again destroy mankind. The bright colors are to just make it look eyecatching.

I plan on blogging about things I learn, Things that intrest me and Things I may learn or find that will help others as well. I love to share what helps me with others and I love to learn from others as well.

Well if I have missed anything I will get to tht later for I have other things to run off and do for now. I enjoy this blog and hope it makes sense to those that read it for I tend to multi task and can leave things half done or unfinished sometimes.

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