Friday, February 6, 2009

I have a cork board in my kitchen which holds my weekly dinner menu, a kitchen inventory list and any recipes that I may need for that weeks meals that are on my menu and a pen.

Here is a picture of what my cork board looks like at the moment. To the top right is my weekly meal menu I re-do my menus every Monday and to the top left is a kitchen inventory list which is things I need in my kitchen at all times to make it function and it is really just a list of the most basics and then to the bottom right I usually just tack a copy of any recipes that I may need for a meal that week. To the far right I have attached an ink pen with a long string attached to a tack.

I find making and planning menus makes dinner go alot more smoothly and takes away the stress and headache of running around the house asking everyone what they want an hour before dinner.

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