Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I can't understand why so many people includeing myself get so frustrated and upset about there walk with God and why it's seems to fail often times. It is OUR OWN FAULT when we fail and we fail because we fail to really seek God to the fullest. We have to seek, yearn after, cry out to, pray to and go to God each day. God needs to be a part of every step we take, every breath we make and everywhere we go.

We are not perfect and never will be and we are human and have emotions but we can not allow our emotions and the lies of the devil to rule us, For there is victory thru Jesus Christ and the word of God. The only reason we fail in life as christians is because we fail with God. We do not really want to read our bible every day and we really do not want to take the time to say a 5 min prayer because we have no care for the things of God and we would rather take the time to tend to our own needs instead of tending to the needs of our spirit that is crying out to know God. We have to get over that lie from the devil and do what we know is best for us and that is to read your bible EVERYDAY not just when you feel like it, pray your way thru the day, pray for others at all times. If you do not have a desire to do any of those things and you call yourself saved or claim to be a christian I would advise you check up on yourself and see if you really are saved to begin with . I go thru my hard times but I do not shout it to the world or complain. It is so sad to see a brother or sister in Christ claiming to be right with God and say they are having victory yet they are struggling in an area That you try to tell them God will help them and they just don't understand or want the help.

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